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Contact the Webmaster

Before you contact the webmaster, please read the following:

  • Results will be posted once these steps are completed by the registrar(s):
    1. Receive the result sheets from the games and verify that they're all accounted for;
    2. Check them for accuracy (i.e. number of competitors, judge, placings on each sheet match the summary sheet, etc.);
    3. Enter all the info into the database for each event, by games;
    4. Check the resulting report for any unregistered or expired members (solos);
    5. Contact any expired soloists and wait for a response, following up if necessary;
    6. Generate a final report for the website and newsletter editor (which are in different formats and which the DB doesn't automatically do)
    7. Provide the results to the webmaster.

      In other words, please be patient. Results will be posted once they are official.
  • Errors in competition results should be directed to the registrar(s).
  • Changes to official documents (e.g., Judges List) should be directed to the appropriate board.

Please keep in mind that the webmaster is the "town crier"—anything other than broken links, typos, and other obvious webmaster errors should be directed to the appropriate association officer or board for review who/which will pass along any authorized changes to the webmaster. (The exception is an Events page entry, but a games sanctioning notice still needs to pass through the appropriate officer.)

Contact information for the various WUSPBA officers is found on the Administration page.

"I have read the above and am ready to contact the webmaster":
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Note: The above e-mail address must be retyped into your mail program. Please do not send attachments. Contact the webmaster first for permission and to obtain a different e-mail address to which to send the attachment(s).

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