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WUSPBA Online Solo Registration & Renewal - 2013

Three steps are required for online registration:
  • One, fill out the form below.
  • Two, make the necessary payment via Paypal. (If you do not have a Paypal account, you may pay via credit card using the Paypal system.)
  • Three, click on the "SUBMIT BUTTON" button at the bottom of this page.

There are three forms of personal membership: Solo Competitor, Associate (non-competitor) and Adjudicator (judge). For an explanation of the forms of membership visit the Membership page.

Membership Fees:

  • Solo Competitor, Associate, Adjudicator $25 ($35 after January 15th) + 50¢ processing fee
  • Solo Competitor (Family Rate) - If someone in your family residing at the same address has already paid their own full membership dues for the season for which you are registering, you are eligible for a reduced rate of only $10 (+ 50¢ processing fee). Be sure to fill out complete the process below for each family member!


Please carefully read and follow all the instructions thoroughly!
Failure to do all three steps will result in you not being registered! Do not forget step 3!

(First, middle initial, last—and in the last box if desired, a suffix, such as "Jr.", "PhD", etc.)

WUSPBA Number: (If you were previously registered and given a number.)

E-mail address:
PLEASE double-check your e-mail address!

Type of Membership:
Associate Member
Solo Competitor
Solo Competitor, family rate

Competition Grade:
(For solo competitors only. Competing adjudicators should also indicate their grade.)

Select all that apply.

Grade I
Grade II
Grade III
Grade IV*

Grade I
Grade II
Grade III
Grade IV*

Grade I
Grade II
Grade III
Grade IV*


Drum Major

*Denotes beginner grade.

Membership Status:
I am renewing, my contact information has not changed. (Skip "Contact Information.")
I am a new member or am renewing but have changed my contact information.

Contact Information:
Only fill out if you are a new member or you have changed your contact information. If you suspect that we might not have your current information, please fill in your information below just in case.

Phone: () -
Is your e-mail address above different from one we already have on file for you?:
Yes, I'm a new member or I'm a renewing member with a new e-mail address.
No, you already have it.

Mailing Lists:
WUSPBA will occasionally receive requests from games, piping and drumming schools, and clinic organizers to make available the names and addresses of the registered solo competitors, so they may mail event publicity and entry forms for the purpose of advance registration. May we release your information for this purpose?
Yes, I'd like to receive those kinds of piping and drumming related offers.

WUSPBA periodically publishes a newsletter Words & Music. As a volunteer non-profit organization the Executive Committee decided at the November 2009 AGM to put more funds into piping/drumming education and less into printing and postage and so Words & Music will only be available in a "green" digital format. Links to newly-released issues will be distributed by e-mail to the membership.

Comment: (optional)

To deter form submission abuse, you must type "wuspba" in the following box:

Make your payment via Paypal based on your membership and registration date.

IMPORTANT! After making your payment using the link below, you must return to this window and complete Step 3!

WUSPBA Paypal Payment Selection Page (Link opens in a new window.)

Last step: Submit.
If you successfully made your Paypal payment, click the button below and you should be taken to a confirmation page.

If you had problems with your Paypal payment, do not click the button below. Either try again or instead print out, complete, and mail in the appropriate form found on the Membership page.

If you are not taken to the confirmation page after clicking the button below, make sure that all the correct information has been filled into the form above; any error messages will appear in red.

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