The pipe band drum major instructors listed all live within the WUSPBA region. Instructors are listed by state.




  Kevin Conquest, Mesa, AZ

  email: kmacheff@cox.net, Ph: 480-833-9215

3rd in Adult Drum Majors at the 2004 World Pipe Band Championships, Band Experience in Grades 4, 3 and 1. Professional teaching experience. Will travel.

  Visit www.ScottishDrumming.com for more info!



   Jacy Anderson, San Diego, CA

  email: drummyjacy@hotmail.com / Ph: 619-944-858

  Jacy Anderson is the Drum Major of the James J Coyne Memorial Pipe Band.   He has been competing for 14 years under the instruction of drum major Mickie   Shaw and has competed at the world championships several times. He is one of   the few Americans to place at the Worlds. Jacy students include the 2007 World   Champion, Jason Paguio. Jacy teaches in San Diego.


  Mickie Shaw, Los Angeles, CA

  email: DigitalMogul@sbcglobal.net / Ph: 818-486-4439

   Mickie has been a drum major for 27 years and is also a piper. A past North   American Champion, Mickie has also twice placed at the Drum Major World   Championships and has won their World Championships Best Overseas trophy   five times. Shaw is now a senior WUSPBA Drum Major judge, her students   include two World Champions, including the first overseas drum major to win a   world championship, four California State high school champions, and two   WUSPBA champions. Available for private/group, workshops, and pipe band     marching / drill instruction. Will travel .


  Mark Aguero, Redondo Beach, CA

  email: m.aguero@att.net / PH: 310-489-6557

   Active in Scottish Style Drum Majoring for many years. Adjudicator for   California State High School Drum Major Circuit (Tom Peacock) since 1986   having judged state finals 10 times. Adjudicator for the Southern California   Judging Association since 1987 - judging all band related captions in parade   and field events.? Adjudicator for WUSPBA Drum Majors since 1995. Currently   the Director of Bands at Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, CA .


  Paul Olson, San Fransico, CA

  email: POLSON8568@aol.com

    Paul Olson has been involved with Scottish Drum Majoring since 1990.  He has   researched and specializes in Scottish Division MoD Drum Major techniques.  He   is also well versed in Military Baton.  Paul is located in the Greater San   Francisco Bay Area. 


  Jim Harrington, Belmont, CA

  email: jharrin128@aol.com / 650-595-1785

    Drum Major for 34 years. WUSPBA D/M senior Adjudicator for 23 years.





To add yourself to this instructors list you must reside within the WUSPBA region, see the WUSPBA site for a regional map. Send us your contact information, a short paragraph with your credentials, and your location.




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