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AGM - Annual General Meeting

Attention Getter Each year, WUSPBA holds a meeting to vote on new officers and consider changes to bylaws and rules for the association.

If you wish to submit a proposal to change the bylaws or contest rules please read How to Write an AGM Proposal.


October 20, 2012

The 2012 AGM was held at the Alexis Part Resort in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 20, 2012.  A games organizer's reception and meeting was held the night before (Friday 19OCT2), also at the AP Resort.

Alexis Park Resort: 375 East Harmon, Las Vegas, NV 89109, 800-582-2228

AGM Timeline

Friday October 19th, 2012
Games Sponsors' Meeting and Reception, Alexis Park Resort, poolside
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday October 20th, 2012
Wuspba Annual General Meeting, Alexis Park Resort, Athena Room
7:30-8:30AM Check-in & Registration
8:30AM - 5:30PM Annual General Meeting
5:00 - 8:00PM Judge's Exam (President's Suite)

To be announced.

Proposal Deadline
"The deadline to submit proposals for bylaws and/or contest rule changes for the 2012 AGM was September 5."

Officer Elections
The following are the offices were filled via the election at the AGM:

Vice President - Stuart Baker
Sanctioning Secretary - Todd Brown
Solo Registrar - Erin Gunn

Officer Appointments
Any necessary appointments will be made by the Executive Committee
Jeff Mann was appointed as President after John Biggar stepped down mid-term.
Andy Trimble was appointed as Chairman of the Music Board.

Proposals For Changes to ByLaws & Contest Rules:
(Plain text or Adobe Acrobat PDF Files as noted.)

The following are the proposals as amended prior to and at the AGM. Changes to the originally submited proprosals are notated in green in the documents. APPROVED

Bylaws Proposals:

B-AppointUnfilledOffices - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

B-Housekeeping-AdvisoryCommittee - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

B-ProposalsInDigitalFormat - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

B-SuspensionOfOfficers-endorsements - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

B-MembershipChart - Elaine Hoffman (PDF) PASSED

B-SoloRegistarDuties - Elaine Hoffman (PDF) PASSED

B-BranchFunding - John Partanen (PDF) FAILED

B-ExclusivityOfOffices - John Partanen (PDF) PASSED

B-MemberInvestigation - John Partanen (PDF) FAILED

B-BandLateFeeReduction - Malcolm Willis (PDF) FAILED

B-DeliquentAdjudicators - Andy Trimble/Music Board (PDF) PASSED

Contest Rules Proposals:

CR-Housekeeping-45days - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

CR-Housekeeping-BandSanctionFee - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

CR-SoloRegistrationPeriod - Andrew Lenz (PDF) PASSED

CR-BandTimeLimitPenalties - Drew McPheeters (PDF) FAILED

CR-PlayerRequirements - Drew McPheeters (PDF) PASSED

CR-SetRequirements - Drew McPheeters (PDF) PASSED

CR-15DayWaitingPeriodBand - Kylene Tanner (TXT) WITHDRAWN

CR-ANAPBA-ChampionshipRules - Kylene Tanner (PDF) PASSED

CR-NoLimitBandTransfers - Kylene Tanner (TXT) WITHDRAWN

CR-RegisteredInstructors5&4only - Kylene Tanner (TXT) WITHDRAWN

CR-RequireElectronicRosters - Kylene Tanner (PDF) PASSED

CR-DrumSaluteRules - Bruce Baxton (PDF) PASSED

CR-BandResultsPosting - Jennifer Febre Boase (PDF) WITHDRAWN

CR-GradeV-Medley - Jennifer Febre Boase (PDF) FAILED

CR-Laughton-DisqualifyLateSoloists - James Laughton (PDF) FAILED

CR-ECandBandProtests - Malcolm Willis (PDF) PASSED

CR-GradeV-MS68-Clarification - Ed Best/Music Board (PDF) PASSED

CR-SoloDrumming-PipingRequirements - Music Board (PDF) PASSED

CR-2012-Contest-Rules - Andy Trimble reorganization (PDF) PASSED
Key to changes in Andy Trimble - Contest Rules reorganization (PDF)

Official Minutes of the 2011 (previous year) AGM
AGM Minutes 2011 (PDF, 156K)
AGM Minutes Appendices 2011 (PDF, 10.9MB)


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